Pattern Calendar for Android

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Pattern Calendar is an application to post the Google Calendar the fixed form schedule (Pattern) created in advance.  This is useful for post schedule, such as occasional meeting and part-time job.

Security checks by a third party

Free Version Update History

  • Version 0.8.0 (released 2012-10-06 )
    First release.

About Basic Operation

Calendar is displayed when you start the app.

Touch any date, a dialog will appear. You can check the check box of that list, Pattern will be posted to Google Calendar. In addition, the place you checked the color of the pattern is reflected in the calendar. A check is removed to delete. 

If you want to edit a pattern, touch of the "Edit Pattern" on the menu.

Pattern list is displayed.

If you want to editing an existing pattern, touch the items in the list. If you want to add a new pattern, touch the Add button.

Items that can be set are as follows:
  • Title
  • Start time and End time. ( or All day )
  • Pattern Color (for this app display)
  • Where
  • Description
  • Target calendar
  • Reminders (Up to five items)

About Sync

Schedule that have been posted by this app, go to Calendar in the terminal are reflected immediately, there is a time difference of slightly to reflect a Google calendar to be viewed in the browser, etc.. You can be done if you want to take effect immediately, and then touch the Sync of the menu.

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